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Sliced and Diced Collage Poetry Workshop

September 18, 2011

Last Saturday, I drove to beautiful Bellingen to give my Sliced and Diced collage poetry workshop to Bellingen Writers Group.

The weather was beautiful and with a view like this, I knew we were going to have a fabulous afternoon.

The workshop was held at North Farm, which is both a place for yoga and for retreats of all kinds, with gorgeous accommodation.


The participants are all looking very seriously but they had a fun time, exploring creativity without the constraints of plot, grammar or syntax.  There was much chatter, much laughter, and many collage poems created in the process.

I created a couple of poems in the course of the afternoon and it ignited my passion for collage poetry again. My desk and dining room table have since been covered with poems in progress. Here is one that I created during the workshop.


The one thing I find about collage poetry is that it often reflects your mood at the time, so the above poem is pretty much my frame of mind at the moment.  Scary, isn’t it?

I made 4 collage poems during the workshop, another 4 completed since, and there’s 8 in progress on my dining room table. I don’t think I’ve ever had that many on the go before, even when I was doing my 365 days collage poetry challenge.  If there are that many on the go, maybe I can do the challenge again. Something to think about for next month…


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