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Paleo Way V.2 Day 1 – the reboot begins

June 20, 2016

If you’ve read previous entries of this blog, you would know that I transformed my life last year by giving up sugar and adopting a Paleo lifestyle. It worked for me and one of my rewards to myself was a little black corset which looked amazing with my vampire wings.

Bat girl


Then I became complacent. I told myself I was still doing Paleo at about 80% ratio but that was just a guestimate, and a very liberal guestimate at that. Over Christmas I indulged and a few extra kilos went on.  I shrugged. No biggie. I’d done it before and I could do it again with a bit of discipline.  I was eating dark chocolate and had realised that moderation was still not a word in my vocabulary.  But I still looked great and mostly I felt great. And the chocolate tasted great.

At Easter I decided to treat myself to some chocolate. It’s Easter, after all?  It would have been fine if I’d limited it to the Easter weekend, but then I discovered Lindt bunnies on sale at Target and every day  the bunnies got cheaper. Like Alice, I’d tumbled down the (chocolate) rabbit hole. I bought a bagful of bunnies to get me through the Grassroots Writers Weekend. Hell, I had to be on stage – MC’ing, launching books, giving workshops. I NEEDED chocolate. I didn’t realise then that almost any excuse would suffice.

Those chocolate bunnies were so good and Grassroots went off without a hitch. Every week I swore I would give up the chocolate and then I’d find another excuse to buy some. While I could previously walk down the chocolate aisle, past the temptation without a second thought and with definitely no purchase, my willpower had completely evaporated, and supermarkets kept putting chocolate on special. It was official, I was back in the grips of sugar, back in the chocolate abyss. And only I could drag myself out of it.

The second version of the Paleo Way was to be released and I had my activation code but I delayed the activation – I had a trip to Kiama and Sydney – and I decided that trying to eat Paleo while on the road was just too difficult. Yes, and no. More excuses. I was getting damn good at them. I tried to convince myself that I was doing the right thing by eating Paleo bars and refined chocolate, but the bars have a high sugar content and the chocolate still has sugar. Then I got home and Lindt was on special and I decided to try the Silky White. Bad choice. Such a bad choice.

So on 16/06/16, I printed up another Don’t Break the Chain chart and started crossing off days once again. No chocolate, no refined sugar, and now that Paleo has been added into the mix as of today, I will be avoiding the majority of processed foods.

Yes, the extra kilos are not really noticeable to anyone but me, but damn it, I can’t get into my corset. My symbol of success is now mocking me. I plan to wear the corset again at the cocktail party at the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Adelaide so it’s time to stick to the plan, walk, dance and go to the gym.

I’m making myself publicly accountable this time. I will blog each week about the journey. Fighting my dragons, mood swings, food choices. And I will be absolutely honest with the figures, though my scales are a bit dodgy and sometimes give me conflicting advice. So right now, the scales have given me 3 readings between 75kg and just under 77kg. So no exact figure, but I’m in the second half of the 70’s which is definitely not where I want to be. And I definitely don’t want the figures to keep going up.

I know what it feels like to be free of sugar and I want to be there again. I want my body to be fat-burning not sugar and carb processing. I want the clarity of mind that comes when the sugar fog dissipates. I no longer want to crave the sweet stuff. ‘Just one won’t kill you’ might be correct but that ‘just one’ has given me the taste for it again, and now I never stop at ‘just one.’ It’s cold turkey, or it’s sugar prison – there is nothing in between.

The Paleo journey started again today.  I made Braised Ginger Chicken from Pete Evans’ One Pot Favourites cookbook.  I also made the Beef Mince Curry.  6 meals in all. The key is preparation especially with my crazy life when I’m hardly ever home. But I’m going to stick to the plan. Stick around and cheer me on!

Listening to:

Audio Book – Level Up Your Life by Steve Kamb

Music: Strange Little Birds by Garbage

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  1. June 21, 2016 6:19 am

    Fabulous Diane – nothing like a public commitment and a chart to get yourself back on track. I’m not being glib, either – it demonstrates a commitment to yourself that will propel you past the chocolate aisle with not even a second glance 😊

  2. Kerrie Paterson permalink
    June 29, 2016 10:07 am

    How are you going? I’m jumping back in alongside you. Doctor’s checkup last week showed quite high blood pressure (there’s a family history of it) – I’ve got the machine to chart my own readings for a week or so and it’s definitely correct. So I have to get my bp down and I’m confident going primal/paleo will do it. And having to record the numbers for her to see will hopefully keep me on track over that hardest first week!

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