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My Bucket List

Following is my ongoing bucket list in no particular order – blue means I have done it.



1. Be published by a major publishing house

2. Visit the Grand Canyon

3. Learn to bellydance   – 2011

4. Visit Tasmania

5. Publish an anthology of collage poetrySliced & Diced vol 1. published April 2011; Sliced & Diced vol 2 – Almost True Confessions published May 2015

6. visit Stonehenge

7. visit Frida Kahlo’s museum in Mexico

8. go on an Arts Festival crawl around the world

9. visit the Hay-on-Why book festival

10. Have a bidding war over my manuscript

11. Learn to create a web sitemy websiteNambucca Valley Writers Group

12. visit the Salvadore Dali Museum

13. ride the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin

14. attend Romance Writers of America conference

15. attend a Margie Lawson immersion class

16. climb the Eiffel Tower

17. visit the Curran theatre in San Francisco

18. fall in love again

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