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Kat has spent too many years in her comfort zone. But when her husband does a disappearing act mirrored by a guilt deposit of $20K into Kat’s bank account, it’s time to spend a month or two living fearlessly. First she needs a list: things to do before she dies. When her favourite rock band Eloquent Beast reunites for a one-off tour, Kat trails along, rediscovering the joy of her youth. Soon she finds herself on stage singing with her rock god, skydiving, visiting nudist beaches and living life far beyond her comfort zone!


Fate had dealt her the wrong prince…

When Cinderella married Prince Edward, she expected the ‘happily ever after’. But when the couple have trouble conceiving an heir, she turns to her husband’s cousin and lookalike Prince Henry for a solution. A solution that Prince Henry is more than willing to provide as he has been in love with Cinderella since the night of the ball. And now Cinderella is also falling in love. Is it possible to be the wife of one prince and mistress of another? Or will Cinderella’s infidelity bring both kingdoms to ruin?

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16 year-old Nicky Symons is disconcerted when a conversation with her crush Zach is repeated word for word for the second time in a week. But that evening as she re-reads her diary, she realizes that the journal she has found in her mother’s second hand bookshop gives her the power to write her future. She thinks she’s discovered the key to happiness and starts pre-writing her own and her best friend Mel’s destiny. First she ensures that she hooks up with Zach, the cutest guy at school. Then she arranges for Mel’s holiday fling, Tony, to move to town. But when her arch enemy Sonya ends up in hospital, and she discovers that Tony has left behind a pregnant wife, Nicky decides the diary’s power must be buried. But Mel has other ideas. What happens when Mel digs up the diary and starts using its power?

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Chloe Watkins takes up a position as film festival director in the small Aussie country town of Bilby Creek. Chloe may be the big fish in the small pond, but she’s also out of water, battling the conservatism of the small town. She leaves her boyfriend behind in the big city and starts a Clayton relationship with the Bilby Creek school teacher. But is he gay?

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When 18 year old Kirsty McInnes returns to her hometown of Bilby Creek with a reality TV show crew in tow, she thinks that fame and love are within her reach.  But her new lover Dylan, director of the show, pulls back from her, saying ‘It’s the show or him”. Figuring she only has one chance at fame, and the romance could have fizzled anyway, she chooses the show but she didn’t count on having to share the limelight with the ex-soapie star and local theatre group president Genevieve d’Vine or having to live with her!  The price of fame!  She also didn’t count on ‘the new guy in town’ cracking onto her on camera and various male randoms turning up in town after seeing her on the show. Because she no longer wants the fame, she just wants Dylan. She’s about to get one huge reality check.

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Photographer Jessica devises a plan with flatmate Libby and gay pal Simon to meet Mr Right, but how many toads can she kiss along the way? Enough to fill a photography exhibition, it seems!

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When Lisa joins a pizza delivery company, she expects it to be a routine job, but not with a customer who tells fortunes by reading pizzas and her very hunky boss, Alex. She’s about to get her education in sex, drugs and rock’n’roll

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  1. rhiancahillo8 permalink
    May 18, 2008 2:39 am

    Lots of good stuff!
    Now get to editing and sending it out!
    I swear, if I hadn’t taken May to edit and get ON A WING AND A PRAYER ready I wouldn’t have been able to send it when the editor found my blog and asked me to send some of my work.
    Get to it girl, we’ll be here to help you.

  2. dianecurran permalink*
    May 18, 2008 3:48 am

    Thanks for your support, Rhian

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