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Beyond Happily Ever After excerpt (from novel)

This is an exerpt from the novel version of Beyond Happily After.


Chapter One


And they would live happily ever after…


That’s what Prince Edward promised Cinderella on their wedding day, but as he lay upon her grunting, grinding, thrusting away, she wondered when the happily ever after would begin.


It certainly wasn’t now.


Cinderella closed her eyes and tried to think of Majandis, the kingdom she now served. Her husband continued his task, issuing commands to his sperm as if leading troops into battle.

She had mastered every other official duty: the cutting of ribbons, the unveiling of plaques, the patronage of charity. But there was one royal duty that continued to elude her: the conception of an heir.

Oh please! Let this be the one! She opened her eyes and stared over her husband’s sweaty shoulder, her eyes searching the intricate tapestry of cherubs that decorated the bed canopy.  She chanted a silent prayer to the heavens that their coupling would be successful.  Edward moaned and shuddered, and rolled over to the other side of the bed.

She gathered the crimson sheet around her breasts and sunk deeper into the mattress, biding her time. Just a smile, a kiss, a gentle touch…that’s all she wanted.

“You may go,” he said.

He drew aside the canopy and light flooded the bed. Cinderella knew better than to argue. She bowed her head and shrugged on her silk robe, tying the sash tightly around her waist. Her husband stood at the window, staring out into the moonless night. He did not even look around as she left his precious bed to walk the long corridor back to her own chamber.

With every footstep towards her room, thoughts niggled at her. This was not normal. This was not how married people live. She remembered the taste of her husband’s lips the first time he had kissed her. But the promise of his kiss had remained unfulfilled. The last time he had kissed her like that had been on their wedding day. Almost twelve months before. Right after he told her they’d live happily ever after.

She longed to be kissed like that again.

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  1. December 13, 2008 4:19 pm

    Very interesting! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.


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