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New on the cybershelves: February or Forever

February 1, 2014

I have two extremely talented and lovely critique partners, Juliet Madison and Alli Sinclair.

Today one of them, Juliet Madison, is celebrating the first birthday of her first book Fast Forward and the release day of her 5th book, February or Forever and Alli and I are celebrating with her.  In person celebrations occurred three weeks ago during our cp weekend in Kiama…



Tonight the celebrations are in cyberspace…


Here’s more about Juliet’s brand-new release: February or Forever



Genre: Contemporary coastal romance, women’s fiction.

Available worldwide from all ebook retailers 1st February.

Published by Escape Publishing.


In this heartwarming coastal romance, Escape bestselling author Juliet Madison asks, what if your favourite celebrity fell in love with you?

Yoga teacher and single mother, Chrissie Burns has a plan: move into the rundown beach house left to her by her deceased aunt, renovate it, sell it, and move on. The scene of a terrible accident years ago, the house needs to get out of Chrissie’s hands as soon as possible.

But Tarrin’s Bay, where the house stands, has more to offer than bad memories. The town is lovely, the people friendly, and even Chrissie’s young son finds friends and begins coming out of his shell. Employed at Serendipity Retreat as a yoga instructor, Chrissie is shocked to be given the role of private teacher to Drew Williams, Australia’s top singer/songwriter for the month.

Relationships between instructors and clients are strictly forbidden, but Drew draws happiness out of Chrissie with his down-to-earth nature and sense of humour. Days of stretching and bending may bring Chrissie unexpected peace and strength, but she knows that this interlude must end, and there’s no pose or position to aid her when Drew walks away and leaves her broken-hearted. 

Buy Now: Amazon / Amazon UK / Amazon Aus / iTunes / Kobo / B&N Nook / GooglePlay / All Romance / Ebooks.Com / Booktopia / JB Hi-Fi / Big W / Escape Publishing

Watch the Book Video Trailer:

Visit Juliet online: website, blog, facebook, Goodreads, and twitter.



Chrissie’s hand poised above the electronic lock, and she plastered a smile on her face.

‘Hi, Drew, I’m Chrissie,’ she practised.

Urgh. Too casual.

Good morning, Mr Williams. It’s a delight to meet you.’

Too serious and old-fashioned.

Drew Williams, what an honour. My name is Chrissie and I’m absolutely thrilled to be your yoga instructor. I’m here to help in any way I can.’

Strike three. Oh c’mon, Chrissie. What are you trying to do, convince him to put you in his will?

She pushed out a breath and slid the key card down the slit in the lock. It lit up green and she pushed open the door, letting it slowly close behind her.

Suddenly aware that now, beyond this door, it was only herself and the multiple Grammy award-winning artist, she felt a tad underdressed in her Lycra outfit and comfortable rubber slip-on sandals. An occasion like this should call for a nice dress, or even trousers and a classy top, and definitely heels. But no, she’d be meeting her favourite singer in the clothing she wore every day. At least the requirements of her job had allowed her figure to regain its sculpted firmness after the birth of Kai, combined with eating a healthy diet and doing circuit sessions at the gym.

Why am I worried about how I look? Yoga is not about appearances, it’s about the unity and oneness of everything. Aesthetics don’t matter when we’re all the same on the inside.

Chrissie tried the whole ‘talking herself around thing’, but couldn’t help feeling exposed, vulnerable, uncertain. Was she really cut out for this job in her sensitive emotional state of late?

A sound from above yanked her back to the present moment, and she realised there was no time or point in pondering such things. She had a job to do, and she had to get on with it. Now.




I haven’t critiqued this book but Juliet’s last release The January Wish was a fantastic introduction to the fictional Tarrin’s Bay (followed by our real life introduction to the inspiration for the town), and I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series.


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