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Are you ready to bust loose with Moving Pictures?

August 8, 2013

The music that surrounded you as a teenager is the soundtrack of your youth. It speaks to you in a way that the parentals can never understand, it paints your life in song and gives voice to your hopes and desires.

As a teen, I inhabited the music I loved and it inhabited me. It was an all-consuming relationship — I lived and breathed the songs, I knew every word (if the printed lyrics came with the album) or thought I knew every word (when I had to work the lyrics out for myself). I sang along with every song of the eighties: the classics and the one hit-wonders. Even today, when I hear the music, a tiny filing cabinet in my head unlocks and the words come flooding back.

As a teenager, I could not live without my record player, my tape recorder and my weekly dose of Countdown.


Several decades later, I still can’t live without music but my relationship to it has changed. Today my relationship with music is more subtle, more casual, almost a friends-with-fabulous-benefits arrangement. Sometimes it will serve as background music for housework, driving, working but new songs come and go and I barely hear the lyrics, let alone remember them. Sometimes I couldn’t even tell you who sings a particular song. Contemporary music melds into one big white noise – hip hop sounds like all other hip hop, one female pop artist morphs into another. It’s background noise, incidental to my life, the intensity and passion is no longer there —

–until I play songs from my teen years and I feel like I’m sixteen again. It’s like rekindling an old flame.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been teased by my workmates because I’m excited about the upcoming Moving Pictures tour. ‘Thelma’ has been warbling ‘What about Me?’ and proclaiming that was the band’s only song, despite the fact that she admitted to see Moving Pictures play in the eighties. I asked ‘so, did they sing the same song over and over all night?’ but it’s too convenient to remember that kind of detail.

I’ve challenged these gals to name their own teenage musical obsessions. Thelma confirmed that she liked Cold Chisel, but she didn’t go to see them when they played in Coffs Harbour eighteen months ago. Louise nominated Duran Duran as her teenage obsession and quickly added ‘but I wouldn’t go see them now.’ I guess their obsessions were more about the band’s looks than the music. Or Thelma and Louise are just fickle.

So despite their teasing I will remain excited because:

1. I get to see my favourite Aussie band again

2. I’m on holidays from Monday and they’re not.


Besides, I’ve found many like-minded MP fans on Facebook.

On this tour starting Friday 9th August, not only do we get to see Moving Pictures live on stage in pubs, clubs and theatres, we can souvenier a CD of their live show at the State Theatre in 2011.

ImageAs a taste of things to come, Alex Smith cameoed with The Soul Shakers in Byron Bay last Friday night, showing he is still in fine voice. I managed to capture one song – Alex sings ‘I’m Ready’ and so am I!


Are you ready to see Moving Pictures again?


Tour dates

A blog post about my teen music obsession

Interview with Alex Smith before 2011 tour

Moving Pictures rocked the state




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  1. August 10, 2013 7:34 pm

    Enjoy! Music stopped after the 80s, didn’t it? That’s all I listen to 🙂

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