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Revisiting the bucket list

December 30, 2011

In 2006, I published this list of 13 Things to Do before I die (I was participating in a 13 things meme)

So five years later, here’s  the progress on a list I’d forgotten about:

1. Be published by a major publishing house – not yet, but since the writing of the list, I’ve had a short story published in Wet Ink magazine.

2. Visit the Grand Canyon – not yet

3. Learn to bellydance   – YES!!!

and I even performed in the Hipnotic Bellydance concert with the rest of the Sacred Lotus students.

4. Visit Tasmania – came close this year, but it didn’t happen

5. Publish an anthology of collage poetry – I published a zine of collage poetry this year, and taught a workshop.

6. visit Stonehenge – not yet

7. visit Frida Kahlo’s museum in Mexico – not yet

8. go on an Arts Festival crawl around the world – not yet

9. visit the Hay-on-Why book festival – not yet

10. Have a bidding war over my manuscript – not yet

11. Learn to create a web site – yes! examplesmy websiteNambucca Valley Writers Group

12. visit the Salvadore Dali Museum – not yet

13. ride the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin – not yet

So what’s on your bucket list?

You can record your own bucket list right here or get some inspiration from Life Lists.

The problem with a bucket list is that ‘before I die’ is such a wishy-washy concept. I do not have a (working) crystal ball so I do not know if it’s next year, 5 years time or 50 years time. I have no idea how long I have to achieve these particular goals.

There’s a lot of travel goals on the list and they certainly would need to be paced out over a long period of time, unless I win lotto. And some of them seem to be dependent on the mood I was in at the the time I wrote the list.

There’s a few other things that I did this year that were either on earlier bucket lists or just should have been on my bucket list but were so far removed from my reality that they were never written down.

  • Go on a Rod Quantock comedy tour – this was never written down on a list though I’d wanted to particpate since I first heard about his crazy ‘Tram’ or ‘Bus’ tours. In March, I went on the History of the Comedy Festival Walking Tour with 50 other people wearing Groucho Marx masks while Rod led us around with Trevor the rubber chook mounted on the end of a stick. It was a scream watching people’s ‘We are not amused’ reactions to us.
  • Buy a new car – I picked up my beautiful new car on Friday with 13ks on the odometer. A serious step up from the 21 year old red beast with the built-in swimming pool.
  • Be a VIP at a Moving Pictures concert.  Well for that matter, I never thought I’d see the band play again so this was definitely not on a list, but was one of the highlights of 2011.
  • Read a piece of my writing at a writers festival.
  • see Cold Chisel perform (I’d only ever seen Ian Moss and Jimmy Barnes do their solo thing)

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It’s that time of the year again – time to focus on goals and this year I will consciously plan to do something on the bucket list (once I’ve worked out the new one).

My ongoing bucket list is posted here.

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