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Ancient Memories

July 16, 2011

This time in two weeks, I’ll be at the State Theatre in Sydney, reliving my days of innocence at the reunion concert of Moving Pictures. Tickets in the second row – can’t wait.  I expect if I shut my eyes and just listen to the music, I’ll be transported back to Campbelltown Rissole, Birkenhead Point, Sweethearts, Scandals or the long demolished Tivoli.

Like theatre, music gigs are so epheremal, so in the moment, that it’s hard for me to remember anything specific, unless it’s something out of the ordinary. (Or maybe I’m just getting old.)

So I’ll try to recall the out of the ordinary:

Many gigs at the rissole, I was underage and I had to convince an adult to take me. On most occasions, it was my uncle.  But on one occasion for a Moving Pictures gig, I managed to convince my father to take me along. (God knows how I managed to do that as he detested anything that was recorded past Doris Day). So as soon as the band came on, my friend and I ran down to the front of the stage, but only a few of us were down on the dance floor. So after the first song, Alex Smith jumped off the stage, ran down to the audience and jumped up on the table we’d been sitting at, and sand the whole song standing above my father. After the gig, I didn’t hear the end of how the ‘bloody singer was sweating into my beer.’

So yep, that was a memorable moment.

Thankfully, Moving Pictures also did the occasional under 18 gig, so I didn’t always had to con a disapproving adult to chaperone me.

And they were still performing in my twenties, so I could go with friends legally to places like Sweethearts (where you threw the ‘glass’ on the floor when you were done with it) or Scandals.

So there were a few other memorable out of the ordinary moments at other gigs, that still stick in my mind now:

Ian Moss, somewhere in Circular Quay. This one stands out because I was back on my feet after a major car accident, and standing up at that gig for two hours almost shattered my poor newly-healed broken leg.

1993 Tiddas concert at the Metro Theatre – support act was Chris Wilson and I was mesmerised by his voice, his harmonica and his panther-like prowling of the stage.

State Theatre 1993 – she shall remain nameless. A perfect rendition of her hit songs, so perfect I might as well have stayed home and played the CDs very loud. But as inanimate as a performer could get. This concert lingers in my mind for all the wrong reasons.

Bjorn Again – some pub in Parramatta. Loved, loved, loved the Abba parody. But by the encore, I was choking so much in the smoke-filled room, I had to escape before I fainted. I’m so glad the audience-created smoke machine effect has been banished from venues.

Prince – Sydney Entertainment Centre – firstly memorable because we’d ended up in the back row. But from the back row, we could see the whole audience doing everything that Prince commanded. Thankfully, he was just feeing his own ego, rather than any truly evil intent.

Jon English – attempting to breakdance at a gig at Flashez, a nightclub frequented by the Mediterranean types of the area.

Eurythmics – Revenge tour – well who can forget Annie Lennox stripping down to her red bra, especially as she was perched on the speaker right above me. But I also remember lining up for those tickets, my date for the night, and the train journey home.

So I’m wondering what memories I’ll end up with from the Moving Pictures gig on 30 July?

And what picture I will add to these?



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  1. Karina permalink
    July 23, 2011 1:02 am

    Gorgeous gig memories !

    I have a huge photo album that contains all my concert tickets dating back to the early 80s and I can still flick through and remember how many nights I slept on the concrete in the ticket line up, who I went with, what I wore, what the artist wore, what the feel of the night was, which song struck me most, which song the artist sung right to me and me only, which artist threw me a rose (still there stuck between two pages of contact in a 25 yr old diary). All of it.

    State theatre 1993 you MUST tell me who!

    For me the let downs over the years – mid 80s Simple Minds – the 3 day concrete sleepover was way more fun and I made lifelong friends – bored to death at the gig.
    Roxette – I had high hopes but as pretty as they sounded – they didnt interact with the audience at all and I genuinely fell asleep.
    Fergul Sharkey – officially worst gig I have ever forced myself to stay to the end of. He had 3 number 1 hits and that was all he was known for and was the only reason he had actually sold any tickets – yet he refused to sing any of them and instead murdered “when a man loves a woman” for about 9 solid squealing minutes.

    I look forward to the next installment of the Diane & Alex photos !!

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