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Lotus in Bloom

February 27, 2011

So now my hair is the shortest it has been in years.  And now that I can see my ears again, it’s time to get them pierced (again).  The piercing I had when I was 13 disappeared some time in my twenties. With hula-hooping, belly dancing classes, giving up caffeine, and a new focus on writing, I’m slowly finding myself. One of my friends told me that I’m a lotus in bloom, and now with new hair and new colour, I’m a blooming colourful lotus.

That’s a lotus. Not my hair. Here’s the new do:

From next Wednesday I will be in Sydney and I can’t wait. I left Sydney behind at the beginning of 1998, tired of the rat-race.  Somehow I ended up in Coffs Harbour, with a year’s detour in Adelaide. I can’t imagine going back to Sydney now to live, and yet one time, I couldn’t imagine myself being anything but a city girl. But over the years I’ve become accustomed to a laidback lifestyle and less traffic (except for tourist season).

There are some things I miss about living in Sydney. I miss the on-tap culture, and I definitely miss the free and half-price theatre tickets I scored as part of my theatre job. And occasionally I miss the sometimes glamour of the theatre industry. But I don’t miss the long hours and the tiny pay. I spent almost every weeknight at the theatre and as a result, I had little focus on my writing. At that point, I hadn’t even identified that I wanted to be a writer. Life is different now…I have time to focus on writing and the commitment.

I’m planning a bit of a culture fest on this trip.  I’ll be seeing the new Reg Livermore/Nancye Hayes play Turns at the Seymour Centre, I plan to check out The First Emperor exhibition and a few exhibitions at the Powerhouse Museum. My final night in Sydney, I will be hearing the author of the Dexter novels, Jeff Lindsay, speak.  And I’ll be spending some time catching up with family and friends.

It will be great to be in Sydney as a tourist. Doing touristy stuff.  I’ll have my camera and my notebook. And my eyes will be wide open.

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