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‘Cyclone’ Diane

February 20, 2011

Apparently, I’m a cyclone now, off the coast of Western Australia. I guess it was only a matter of time. I must admit that sometimes my place does look like a cyclone has hit it, and now that I live alone I only have myself to blame. But in  naming this cyclone, they did spell Diane incorrectly as ‘Dianne’ as usual.

So this particular Cyclone Diane (me)  is hitting Sydney on Wednesday 2 March.  The first 2 nights I will be staying in Sydney itself, and loading up on culture: theatre, art galleries.  ‘Turns’ with Reg Livermore and Nancye Hayes looks very enticing, and I’m sure I will find a few other things to give me a big creative boost. I’ll probably check out the Abba exhibition at the Powerhouse to trigger some nostalgia.

It’s weird because my trips to Sydney have triggered lots of flashbacks.  Sydney was  a huge part of my life in my teens and my twenties, and my last couple of trips I visited suburbs that I hadn’t been in for yonks, and each held a different and interesting memory for me.  Walking up George Street after the Pat Benatar concert: though so much of the landscape of the cinema strip has changed, the Metro Theatre is still there and I worked there for a year or so. Very particular memories of that one. Town Hall – the central meeting place. The Queen Vic building – I’ve spent a lot of time and money in that few blocks of George St, Castlereagh St, Pitt St.


So it will be interesting to see what memories are triggered on this trip.  Have notebook – will travel.  Another great way to get stuff down quickly is to record it on your mobile phone. People think you’re talking to someone on the other end – better than talking to yourself, I guess.

For the Friday to Sunday morning I will be bunkered down in an exec meeting strategising and planning.  And then from Sunday afternoon until Wednesday morning I will be free again, to catch up with friends, relatives and surf some couches (see my new 2nd cousin perhaps?)

I’m really looking forward to being in Sydney again for the culture, for the creative stimulation and for the catch-up opportunities.

Watch out Sydney, Cyclone Diane is on her way.

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