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Goals for 2011

January 1, 2011

I revisited last year’s goals and realised I liked what I saw, even though personal circumstances derailed me completely.

So I will restructure these goals for 2011:

  • Hula hoop  (thanks to Natalie Hatch and You Tube, I can actually keep the thing spinning)
  • Do something writerly for a minimum of half an hour every day. Write new words, rewrite old words, edit, tinker, synopsise, plan, plot, outline, query, collage, give my characters the 3rd degree – as long as it’s writing related and related to my writing. This relates to my post at RWA  Please fit your own Oxygen Mask first


  • I commit myself to making a mess once a week and creating a collage poem.  Not committing to cleaning up the mess.
  • Blog at least weekly here at Write on Track, and on Sundays at We Love YA.


Beyond Happily Ever After to be edited, polished and submitted to agents/publishers until Cindy finds a home. (and don’t stress while anxiously waiting for Cindy’s STALI competition results)

Diary of the Future to be edited, polished and submitted until it finds a home (agents and publishers)

Making the Cut to be submitted to publishers.

Collage Poetry Anthology to be produced by end of November.


  • Be a good change coach!
  • Be a good crit partner.
  • Make time to be social!  As the Avenue Q song goes, ‘there is life outside your apartment’

Other writer events:
Learn as much about editing as possible and apply the learning. Do online courses (Margie Lawson)  that facilitate this.

I will attend Byron Bay Writers Festival again. (yes, it’s a ritual).

And this year, I will attend the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Melbourne. The plane tickets are already booked. The long service leave is booked.

My writing mantra for 2009  WRITE EDIT SUBMIT has been rewritten for the new decade as I’ve done enough new writing just for the moment.
In 2010 I planned to   REWRITE EDIT SUBMIT. Ad Infinitum. But instead my life went through some massive changes. Now that I’m on the other side of that, I can recommit to the REWRITE EDIT SUBMIT and seeing my writing projects through to completion.

But my main goal for 2011 is to enjoy life, reach out when I need to and make the most of every opportunity!

And to fit my oxygen mask first.

Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. January 1, 2011 5:13 pm

    That’s a lot on your plate, but good luck.

  2. January 5, 2011 5:07 pm

    Hi Dianne

    I enjoyed reading your goals for 2011. I’m doing the Margie Lawson Defeating Self Defeating Behaviours course too, saw your blog and thought I’d check it out. I also have a wordpress blog and have posted my writing goals there. Would love to add your blog to my blogroll if you wouldn’t mind and perhaps you could do likewise? Look forward to chatting with you more via blog and the course.

    Pamela Cook

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