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An early birthday wish…

August 10, 2009

This is what I want for my birthday…

A Book Tree

byron bay 2009 051

Though I hope that my book tree would produce better books than this one. This was the discount book tree with such wonderful titles as How to Sell on Ebay and other non-fiction books which had been remaindered a long time ago.

Perhaps the Book Trees produce their fruit in different genres depending on what type of tree you startwith.

If that’s the case, I would like a Young Adult Book Tree, a Women’s Fiction with Attitude Book Tree and a surprise Book Tree.

byron bay 2009 052

A money tree would be good too. Though having a Book Tree would mean more money anyway.

But the tree I really want in my backyard is The Magic Faraway Tree. I loved Enid Blyton’s story when I was growing up and always wanted to climb that tree to find out which cool land was at the top.

Well, that’s enough whimsy from Bryon Bay Writers Festival. I will return with a more serious post during the week.


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  1. Karina permalink
    August 15, 2009 9:16 pm

    I too would love my own Magic Faraway Tree. There is a tree down in the south west that always makes me think of Enid Blyton – There is a photo in my online albums from Dec06 xmas holiday if you go looking 🙂

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