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Last Line Meme

July 20, 2009

And as promised in my First Line Meme, here are the last lines of the same stories.

It’s up to you to decide what happens between the first line & the last line, though you can always read the book when it comes out or become one of my treasured beta readers.

Beyond Happily Ever After

And if just a glimpse of a happy ever after came, then that would be enough.

Diary of the Future

And that’s the way I like it.

Hold the Anchovies

And I’m going to continue moving on.

I’m with the Band

As the plane takes off, I can hear my heart singing.

Kissing Toads

A kiss with the promise of the future.

Making the Cut

Elizabeth liked being right.

Reality Check

“Just as long as you keep it real.”

Steph Bowe has already accepted my challenge and posted her Last Line meme here.

Meanwhile, I’ve been sick over the last four days with an URTI. Annoying bloody thing, can’t make up it’s mind whether it wants to be a head cold or something else so it has made anything but sleeping or vegging in front of the TV quite impossible. Went to the doctor today and got some antibiotics but also foolishly agreed to his suggestion of having a test for swine flu and whooping cough. Now, I don’ t know which test was which, but if you hear that suggestion, run the other way. You do not want foreign objects stuck up your nose.

The deadline for this competition is approaching and I have 20 pages plus to knock into shape. My paper manuscript is all kinds of colourful with so much splattering of red pen that Dexter would be proud.

My character Kirsty McInnes is getting upset that I’ve been spending all my editing focus on Cinderella, so she’s lured her hero Dylan Harrison onto Twitter, so they can both gang up on me. But it’s not going to work.  I will meet this deadline.  She insisted that Dylan needed a nice avatar, so that was another time suck:


Do you think they’ll make a cute couple?

kirstyimageThey’re very quick to deny that they’re a couple, but that’s because they’re trying to keep it a secret.

Anyway, enough about Dylan & Kirsty, this is the couple I need to focus on for Friday’s deadline:



and Prince Henry:

Prince Henry

And, no, they will not be getting on Twitter. I’ve run out of email addresses.

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