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Treasure hunting

May 31, 2009

I haven’t been to a garage sale for a while but this was my landlord’s garage sale, and as my landlord is God, it would have to be good. Well, actually, we rent from the church and it was their annual garage sale, held at the local winery.

And I hit the motherlode.

I’ve taken a leaf from Simmone Howell’s blog and posted pictures of my found treasures.

I always head for the books first and they had a good selection of recent books and also old, very old books. There were some Cherry Ames books (which brought back memories of checking them out of the primary school library and the librarian not believing I was capable of reading them), Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew…but I left all of them behind.

This is what I bought:

Various 024

We have:

Raw by  Scott Monk

Charm Club by Belinda Ray

Captain Underpants (no 7) by Dav Pilkey

Judy, Patrol Leader by Dorothea Moore (no publication date but reminded me of my  mum)

Heir of Mystery by Philip Ardagh

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone (had given away my original copy years ago and needed the first one to complete the set again)

Fairy Dust by Gwyneth Rees

Decadent by Suzanne Forster (Blaze)

Around Australia in 90 days (for the fabulous photos)

There’s a lot of Young Adult and Middle grade in there which is fabulous, and how serendipitious is it to pick up a book called Fairy Dust when I’m about to write again about Felicity, the fairy-dust snorting fairy godmother.

The lady at the stall asked me for $1 for all the books. I gave her $2.

Then I went and circled the other goodies, and was chatting to one of the ladies of the church who we’ve known for many years and she pointed out a pair of shoes that looked like new. I tried them on and they fitted. Then I picked up the bag…perfect for holding A4 manuscripts. I no longer have to take both my handbag and a pink ‘green shopping bag’ to work.

Various 023

I asked Jean how much she wanted for the shoes and bag, she said $1 and I gave her $2.

I circled the rest of the bric a brac and had my eye on an art deco statue, but hadn’t quite made up my mind that I wanted it.

So after offloading my first lot of books to the car, I went back to the book table and grabbed these two for my aviation-loving father.

Various 025

The blue book is The Phantom Wing from Guy Dempster, both written in the thirties, from what I can tell from the Books and Collectibles website. ( Sale cost: 30 cents. Gave 50 cents)

But before I left the garage sale, I decided that the art deco statue had indeed won me over, and was coming home with me for the bargain price of $2.

Here she is in her new home:

Various 022

I love the elliptic shape, and the curves of the figure. She has a little bit of wear and tear but nothing noticeable.

So the garage sale was a big success for me, with the grand total spent of $6.50.  (I think my partner also bought a book on the history of Coffs Harbour for 20 cents) and I spent much less at the sale than I spent at the supermarket today and in a fortnight, I’ll still have my treasures from the garage sale, while today’s groceries will be eaten.

What wonderful things have you picked up at garage sales or fetes?

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  1. May 31, 2009 4:47 pm

    Wow – what bargains!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nicky permalink
    May 31, 2009 5:41 pm

    Diane, I too love Art Deco (& Art Nouveau) works. That is a beautiful piece. Well done on the book hunting. Capt’n Underpants – ah the memories (my son was into those when he was little).

  3. Karina permalink
    June 7, 2009 1:50 am

    Great collection of books (sigh I would have snapped up the Trixie and Nancys as my dad threw all mine away when I moved overseas).
    Bag looks great, as does the lovely ornament.

    My best buy I think was a 60’s patio/balcony seat – its a single piece with two seats and a table between them in white piping. Cost me $5 and was easy to transport as the sale was at my next door neighbours!!

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