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I need a synopsis fairy godmother…

May 27, 2009

I’m now working on the synopsis of Beyond Happily Ever After.

I’ve read through the whole story, made lots of notes and now I need to distill 6 pages into a page. If only I had a synopsis fairy godmother.

Instead, I’ve got Felicity.

See, I’m not sure that Felicity (below) is quite up to the task.  As usual, she’s been snorting too much fairy dust!


And this is Cinderella, all dolled up for the ball and the competition.


I didn’t need a fairy godmother to write the blurb: that came out very easily…

Fate had dealt her the wrong prince…

When Cinderella married Prince Edward, she expected the ‘happily ever after’. But when the couple have trouble conceiving an heir, she turns to her husband’s cousin and lookalike Prince Henry for a solution. A solution that Prince Henry is more than willing to provide as he has been in love with Cinderella since the night of the ball. And now Cinderella is also falling in love. Is it possible to be the wife of one prince and mistress of another? Or will Cinderella’s infidelity bring both kingdoms to ruin?

After an online chat with my friend Tracey O’Hara today, an idea is starting to take shape for our next 50k in 30 days challenge which starts on (gulp) Monday.  It seems that Felicity, the fairy-dust addicted fairy godmother doesn’t think she got another scenes in Beyond Happily Ever After. She’s a little put-out. So she’s going to find herself a modern teenager who she can aid and abet, and most likely cause more than a little mischief.  I can’t wait to see what she gets up  to.

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