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Blogging by email

May 21, 2009

This is my first attempt to post to my blog via email. Let’s see what happens!

It seems as if we’re heading for a hat trick in Coffs Harbour. This may be the third time in the last four months that I’m likely to be flooded in and cut off from town. It’s getting a bit tedious. If it happens, I’m not sure I’ll even take photos this time.

But meantime, I’ve been using the time to work on my manuscripts.

I thought I’d finished Making the Cut the other day and proudly tweeted so. Deanna had sent me through some notes, that I decided to wait until I hit the end before I used the notes to tweak. Did some tweaking last night. Then I reached the comment "I’m tuning out now…"  Oh no. Seems I completely lost the pace in the second last chapter. Actually this knowledge now gives me the perfect opportunity to trim the ms back under 100k. So still work to do.

I’ve moved onto the novel-length version of Beyond Happily Ever After and wrote this blurb:

Fate had dealt her the wrong prince…

When Cinderella married Prince Edward, she expected the ‘happily ever after’. But when the couple have trouble conceiving an heir, she turns to her husband’s cousin and lookalike Prince Henry for a solution. A solution that Prince Henry is more than willing to provide. He has been in love with Cinderella since the night of the ball. And now Cinderella is also falling in love. Is it possible to be the wife of one prince and mistress of another? Or will Cinderella’s infidelity bring both kingdoms to ruin?

I’m having so much fun working on this story again, preparing it for competition. Cinderella’s fairy godmother is a hoot, and I love the combination of the fairy tale aspect and the modern world. And Cinderella enjoys a competition, as long as she has her glass slippers with her. She’s already taken out a second prize with the original short story. So I’m hoping that she’ll do well with the other comps and opportunities I have planned for her.

And I’ve found the perfect inspiration for Prince Henry…right here.

The manuscript is looking very colourful, highlighted using Margie Lawson‘s EDITs system, but I do need more pink. Always need more pink.

Okay, I’m hitting send now.  Let’s see if this baby posted.

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