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Tickling the economy and tickling my manuscript(s)

March 22, 2009

I spent a good part of my Saturday at the Plaza, at the shopping centre, at the Tender Center, tickling the economy, and tickling it in places I did not plan.

Now we have a microfibre mattress protector for the bed.  Aah! So soft!  I had been checking these out in catalogues for a while and we stumbled across a 50%  off sale. And even Dorkus scored himself a new house…a cat tent.  Though he sniffed at it and stared at it for a while, eventually he ventured in and loved it. When he scratched or cleaned himself, it looked as if the tent was lifting off the floor. He also scored himself a new mauve collar.


I spent 6 hours editing last night (until 3am!!!), which sounds extremely productive, but I only managed to edit one chapter.  The last part of the chapter was giving me a bit of grief and I rewrote much of it. I’m debating whether to put in a small section from Luke’s point of view, but I think I want to keep the reader being led astray by Chloe’s assumptions at least for a while. And popping into Luke’s head will show the reader just how wrong Chloe is. So for the moment, I will continue just in Chloe’s POV. Onto the next chapter.

I have a couple more writing projects I need to tackle over the next days/weeks. The annual NVWG writing contest closes next weekend, and I’d feel guilty if I didn’t enter something. After all,  I’m the secretary of the group. Plus the Trophy spent the first year of its existence in my house, it would be nice to win it back.


Each year the competition genre changes: the first year was poetry, and I won 1st and 2nd place with collage poems. Then we had non-fiction, then short story. This year we decided the format would be Performance Writing (a maximum 10 minutes).  I have pulled out some scenes I wrote  15 years ago along with journal entries from that period. I plan to shape it into a radio play, but I know that it will take me to a dark place.  A lot of emotional stuff there. But because it is emotional, I believe it will be very powerful. And perhaps cathartic.

I also want to prepare a short story for the Aust Womens Weekly Competition. The story is already written, but not quite long enough for their guidelines.  I need to add at least another 600 words to be eligible. The last time I tinkered with a story to enter the comp, I started with 1800 words and added another 1300, so I’m sure this is possible. Plus that story, Beyond Happily Ever After, went on to be published in Wet Ink magazine. I’m also thinking that Beyond Happily Ever After (the 65k version) will be next on the list to edit.

Right after I finish Making the Cut.

So it’s back to Luke for now:


At least for a chapter or two.

And then I will venture to the dark place for a while. And hopefully emerge on the other side.

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