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Making the Cut – the Love Diamond

March 15, 2009


After a day of playing total couch potato and watching Sound Relief and joining in the Twitter commentary (and what a fun time that was!), I’m back to editing  Making the Cut. I have quite a few hours to make up for Nanoedmo.

I’ve decided that this story is less of a love polygon and more of a love diamond, two intercepting triangles with Chloe and Luke making up two points of each triangle, and Kirsty and Travis providing the conflict. Now if only Kirsty and Travis would get together than everything would be solved, and I wouldn’t have a story for the next one, Reality Check. But Travis and Kirsty never meet.  And I doubt that either of them would be right for each other anyway.

Chloe and Kirsty now have their own twitter pages – so they can tweet about current events in the manuscript as I edit.  You can follow them here  Chloe Watkins, Kirsty McInnes, or you can even follow me.  If you do choose to follow Chloe and Kirsty, please don’t tell them that they are fictional characters. Kirsty, especially, seems to be very touchy about that suggestion.

I’m still debating whether the guys should have their own Twitter pages – but if they get them, then Genevieve d’Vine will undoubtedly want one, and next thing the whole of Bilby Creek will be jumping up on the Twitter bandwagon. Maybe not a good idea.

See: I’m always finding new and exciting ways to procrastinate while claiming that it is helping my writing.

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  1. March 15, 2009 11:29 am

    Your characters are twittering. Well that’s a new one Diane! LOL – definitely a new way to procrastinate.

  2. March 16, 2009 12:10 pm

    I echo Eleni. I’m impressed! A whole new level of writer’s procrastination. I’ve seem people twitter as dogs and God too, though I’m not sure the Tweeple would call them characters.

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