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write edit submit or the zombies might get you

February 26, 2009

Oh man! I’ve still got 39 blog posts in my google reader, it’s nearly midnight and I have to work tomorrow.

But one blog I’ve just had to check out all week is Amanda’s Writing Diary as author Amanda Ashby is having a 10 day zombie party on her blog to celebrate the release of her new novel The Zombie Queen of Newbury High.  All the cool teen authors are dropping in to party, talk zombies and give away freebies.  Go and check it out!


I’ve fallen behind with my blog reading as I’ve been keeping my almost nightly writing appointments, and last night luckily without a writing appointment, we had a black out that lasted several hours. So with a few candles, I read the chapters of Reality Check that bookend the missing chapters – at least until my laptop battery died, and then I had an early night. That was a shock to the system!

But at least the writing appointments are keeping me on track to finish this manuscript. It’s no longer feeling like the book that will never end. With the ending and the epilogue written, there’s only 2.5 chapters to fill in the middle. And it’s now a mammoth 127,000 words. No wonder I’m tired.


Remember my mantra for the year: Write, Edit, Submit.

Well, I have the ‘Write’ down pat = over 45 k so far this year. Part 1 of Edit will happen next year as RWA is holding an Edit in a Week challenge. Submit – not yet this year, but it’s still early.

However, my dear writing buddy Rhian Cahill has got all three down pat. Her (long) short story One Night in Bangkok has been accepted for publication. Woohoo, RC, congratulations! Visit her blog for all the details!

Now I need sleep. The rest of the blog posts can wait until tomorrow.

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  1. February 27, 2009 11:54 am

    Yay! You’re almost done. And you should be tired, that’s a lot of words. Looking forward to buying it when it hits the book store.

    Thanks for the congrats. I’m still buzzed. But no rest for the wicked, back to writing. Well, edit/polish go the next one almost ready to go.


  2. February 28, 2009 1:40 pm

    Phew Diane – you’ve been working hard. Love the title of this post ;))

    Love the mantra!

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