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In Retreat

January 31, 2009

Only one more sleep until the annual Writers Retreat with the Nambucca Valley Writers Group.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

This year I’m giving a workshop on Writing Sex Scenes, and I’ll be putting myself out there by reading a sex scene that I have written. The scene is rather graphic, very raunchy and completely based on real life. Names have been changed to protect the guilty, and the once innocent. But before I get to that point, I’ll be breaking the ice with an exercise in Pass the Story, writing a sex scene with the deepest purple prose available. I’m aiming for heaps of laughter when we talk about sex, baby!


So today I’m packing for the retreat, and my magical black hole of a house is playing random tricks with me again. This time my very bright red makeup case is missing. And I do need some of its contents to transform into a vampire on Sunday evening.  (It’s exotica night and I’ve decided my vampire wings are the most exotic things I possess at the moment). It is seriously frustrating.  Two weeks ago it was my laptop bag missing (which did turn up) and now this!

Speaking of laptops, the apocalypse has been averted. The technician rang to say the hard drive has been replaced and the laptop will be on its way back to me. Hopefully the ‘A’ key is also fixed so I don’t have to plug in an external keyboard.  I was browsing at Hardly Normal today, looking at what I may replace my laptop with once my Flexirent contract is through – at the moment a Toshiba is looking good. But in the meantime my old faithful laptop will see me through the next few months and  I won’t have to share and jostle for computer time  much longer.

Last Monday (Australia Day) I wrote over 5000 words of Reality Check and I’m so pleased I did, as I’ve hardly managed to write a word since. Well maybe 200 words. It’s been a week of rushing around as my partner had a surgical procedure. I really do need to get into the daily writing habit though as I find that the moment my head is out of the story for a day or two, I need to think my way back into it instead of just jumping in.  It takes a while to warm up. So word count is now 104,674 and I still have a few chapters to go.

It seems that we’re going to be ripped off this year when it comes to public holidays. At least the people of NSW are being ripped off because Nathan thinks he’s God or something.  Anzac Day falls on a Saturday, so  we won’t have  a public holiday on the Monday. I think this is okay because Anzac Day is an important day of remembering all the soldiers who have fought for us – it’s not just an excuse for a day off work. But work colleagues have brought up a very important point. When Anzac Day falls on a Sunday next year, if we’re not granted a public holiday on the Monday, everyone will be back at work very hungover.  Today I read that we won’t be getting a Boxing Day public holiday. It falls on Saturday too, so we won’t have Monday off. But this will only apply in NSW – all other states will get the holiday. What’s the point of just one state being at work? And how hard does that make it for people who have to travel to be with their families at Christmas?



Meanwhile, I have Monday and Tuesday off work for the Writers Retreat, so I am going to enjoy the company of my writer friends, good food, good wine, and superb scenery. I’ll be back next week with some anecdotes and photos.


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  1. February 2, 2009 4:06 pm

    Hope it all when well for you.

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