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Heading to the finish line…

January 26, 2009
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
100,928 / 110,000

Look at that beautiful word count for Reality Check. Yes, I’ve charged past the 100k mark and I’m now heading towards the finish line. Well, it feels that way at least – we’re through the black moment, it’s not going to be smooth all the way now because there’s still a few characters causing problems for my hero and heroine, and while their relationship is back on track, it is still very hush-hush.

I thought that I was nearly finished, until I reviewed my outline and saw that I still have another seven chapters to the story resolution. (And we’ll just conveniently forget about the couple of chapters I skipped entirely in the middle – who needs them anyway?) I think, in the end, I will be cutting out a whole story thread. Bye Gypsy! It was a nice idea…but it didn’t really add much to the story. Well, except all those girls who arrived in town in the hope of landing a role on the reality show via the Gypsy auditions, and kept the cameramen entertained for a night or two. That incident also showed that our hero was keeping true to his vow of celibacy, despite the temptations that were being placed in front of him.  (to cut or not to cut, that is the question…)

The words are flowing which I’m very grateful for and my head is very much back in the the story (sex on the brain, anyone?) but despite this I also need to put my notes together for a workshop on Writing Sex Scenes that I will give at my writers group retreat next weekend  (more sex on the brain, hehe!) . And I also need to do some critiquing.

As a reward for yesterday’s writing, I went and saw Twilight again before it disappeared off the big screen, and I took my partner along. A second viewing really didn’t change my initial opinion.  In fact, it clarified for me how much lost opportunity there was – how wasted the scenes were where you could see Bella and Edward talking to each other, but instead all we heard was music!  A little bit more relationship development, showing us the couple falling in love. Perhaps the screenwriter and director have not heard of the writer’s axiom “Show, don’t tell”.

And seriously, I have to wonder if the actors and the director thought they were doing a Pinter play. All those long pauses in between bits of conversation – totally unneccessary and slowed down the pace of the film completely.  Just by making the dialogue snappier, and the characters did not need to process and think through each thought, before speaking, the film could have gained important pieces of dialogue that were scrapped and the relationship between Edward and Bella could have been more fully developed. 

Much as Robert Pattinson is  handsome in the role, the “tortued soul acting” tortured me this time, and I found that James was much more seductive and funny!  Nothing like a vampire with a sense of humour. So I haven’t completely defected from Team Edward because I still adore him in the book, but I like James in the film from the moment he says “You brought a snack.” I’m still hoping that the next film will iron out all these shortcomings because I won’t have James to add the humour.

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  1. January 26, 2009 12:19 pm

    WOOHOO on getting closer to the finish line. Good luck with your workshop next weekend.

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