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The Weeks Ramblings

January 11, 2009

Wow! It’s Sunday already and I haven’t posted anything since my 2009 goals!

So how am I doing?

Collage poetry – zilch. Will try to do something about that this evening.

Daily goal – not so bad.

Monday – wrote 993 words

Tuesday – wrote 440 words

Wednesday – did a critique

Thursday – wrote 270 words

Friday – no words, Romance Writers chat instead (really got to knock off those words at work if I’m going to score anything on Fridays)

Saturday – shopping, compiling program for the Writers’ Retreat for NVWG.

watched the pilot episode of The United States of Tara on facebook. Excellent. Toni Collette is brilliant as Tara, and ‘T’ and Buck (didn’t see the third ‘alter’ in the pilot episode), and I’ve always liked John Corbett since he was Chris in the Morning on Northern Exposure.  I’d describe the show as Sybil grows up and has to get a real life. I really hope this is going to be shown in Australia. I’m sure it will be on Showcase as it is a Showtime production.

Today – it will be head down, bum up and Write or Die. I have to write at least another 8 pages to stay on Writer Island so my actual goal is a lot higher – 5000 words (with an hour break to watch Dexter)

This week has been really busy.  I changed departments at work for a 3 month period so there was a lot to take into my brain, as happens with any new position.

I ended up with a flat tyre on Wednesday evening and learned that it’s a good idea to check the air in the spare before you get a flat.  So two brand new tyres fitted on Thursday and now the car is running like a dream.

Then yesterday at the shopping centre, a salesman tried to talk me into a glamour photo shoot. Tempting, but a bit beyond the budget at the moment. Sure I can have the photo and make up session for next to nothing but then there’s the price of the photos on top. Maybe when I need a photo for my first published novel.

Sidenote: My DVD recorder is frustrating me severely. I have a bad habit of stockpiling DVDS which remain in their plastic until I get around to watching them.  Which sometimes can take ages, because I’m usually on the internet or writing instead of watching DVDS.  (It’s very similar to my To be Read pile – at least you can’t tell that they haven’t been cracked open because they’re not shrink-wrapped).  So last night, I started pulling out DVD’s still shrinkwrapped and I found Dead Like Me second season (hadn’t opened it because I have already seen the second season on pay TV). So I opened it and put it on and the DVD player doesn’t recognise it.  But it will play in my laptop and I’m sure it will play in the DVD player in the spare room. This has happened before with DVDs that have come from this particular shop. It says Region 4, so that is right, but my DVD player is finicky. Tried some other DVDS purchased elsewhere and they are fine. The ironic thing is that the DVD recorder came from the same shop as the DVDs that won’t play.

The DVD player also decided it didn’t want to record Gypsy for me the other day when it finally came on pay TV (need it for research for Reality Check) so I got home from work, it wasn’t recording and the movie was half over.  And when I tried to finalise a disc a couple weeks ago, it stuffed up the disc instead. Now I’m getting scared to try and finalise anything for fear that I will lose the recording.  Aargh!  I will keep experimenting with non-essential footage and see what happens.

Back to the writing!

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  1. January 11, 2009 11:12 pm

    You have done will with your writing this week. Don’t just hate when things don’t work they way they should?

    Good luck with your writing this week.

  2. January 15, 2009 9:31 am

    Argh. Irregularly malfunctioning technology is evil. If they just fail, you can replace them. But if they fail *sometimes*…

    You’re doing awesome with your writing, congrats! You rock.

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