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Back on the horse…

December 7, 2008

I’m bouncing back from rejection, though it looks like I don’t get to crack open my special ream of paper just yet. Still all is good, and I’ll start a flurry of queries in the new year.

So, I’m back on the horse….as they say. Which is a bit ironic considering I really don’t like horse-riding.
The only time I’ve been on a horse is around the Pyramids.  And one of the horse wranglers kept coming up behind me and telling the horse to gallop.  I didn’t want to gallop!


And that was soon followed by a camel ride up Mt Sinai and a camel safari into the Nuwiebi desert with the Bedouin and a donkey ride from the Valley of the Kings to the Valley of the Queens. Out of all of them, I preferred the donkey – not so far to fall, I guess, and a gentler pace.

Camel Safari

Camel Safari

(This post was also delayed as I searched for the Egypt photos – thought they were on my external hard drive but there were only two photos.  Guess I must’ve said ‘yes’ to replace all  at the wrong time, but I found the photos again on a disc)

I came into the weekend with really good intentions: writing, editing and housework.  Well, the good intentions for the housework went out the window Saturday morning when I discovered that there was no laundry liquid and no floor cleaner, and I wanted one supermarket-free day. Then I read the email from the library that said The Host was overdue.  So I read Stephenie Meyer’s The Host – this time I started in the morning, and read most of the day and evening.  I’ve heard it described as a love triangle, but as there are actually four ‘people’ involved,  it is either two intersecting love triangles or a love quadrant. Anyway, I enjoyed it. I can’t actually imagine how many words it is – its over 600 pages and the print is a lot smaller than the Twilight series.

Speaking of Twilight, I will see the movie on Thursday night.  Bat wings and Edward t-shirt are ready.

So now I’ve got the post-Nano blues. The RWA Nanogroup is quiet – everyone’s disappeared and it’s just me and the computer.  After two days in a row of not writing (I did write  both days after the rejection, but then the weekend hit and it all went kaput) I think I need to break the goal of finishing this first draft into smaller chunks.  A word count per day.  A page count per day. I know I need to look at the outline of the remaining chapters as some things have happened that weren’t in the original outline. I need to work out how they fit into the rest of it, because if I don’t I will be rivalling The Host for story length.

Meanwhile I need to hand chapter 4 of Making the Cut tomorrow toTina, my beta reader at work. She is not a writer, purely a reader, so at the moment she is serving as my external motivator by asking for more.

Mars and Mercury are supposed to be conjuncting in Sagittarius at the moment, so why aren’t I feeling the pull of their motivation?  I should be energised, ready for anything.  I can understand why I’m not motivated to do housework, because really – who wants to? But I’m not even energised to write, and surely, Kirsty should be on my back by now and wanting me to get back to her story. Even she seems to have gone AWOL.

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  1. Mon permalink
    December 8, 2008 3:06 pm

    Hey, I’m here! You’re not alone. I’ve just had doctors appointments and things coming up. Busy few weeks…

    Love the photos. I adore ancient history, and would love to see the pyramids one day.

    I found I was fresh after a two week break from writing. I’m keen to get cracking after my rest, so maybe you need to enjoy Chrissie and worry about writing later. You do deserve a break after the hard slog of NaNo.

    🙂 Mon

  2. December 9, 2008 5:24 pm

    Oooh I like your alternative to doing the housework – read a book!! I enjoyed reading The Host too. There hadn’t been any hype about this one but I found I enjoyed the rhythm of it – but wow! does that woman know how to write long works.

    I think the RWA NaNo group are taking a deep breath. You all did a tremendous job – and a tiring one. It’s great that you’ve gotten back on the horse. And enjoy the Twilight movie. I’ll probably go in a couple of weeks once the flurry of teenage girls dies down…

  3. awriter2b permalink
    December 12, 2008 9:57 am

    I’m in house work mode ATM so striking while the iron is hot who knows when this will hit me again. LOL.

    Love the pics by the way. Well I better get back to it, tackling my writing area today.

    Catch ya soon.

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