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Waiting for the apocalypse

November 30, 2008

I’m sitting at 60,242 words now, and hoping to push through 65ks by midnight tonight.

But it seems that I have an uneasy relationship with technology at the moment.  The apocalypse is imminent.  That’s what my computer said on start up this morning.  Not exactly those words. I have paraphrased, taken a bit of literary licence with it. My computer actually told me something like – hard drive failure is imminent, back up and replace hard drive.  Probably a bit more technical than that, but the warning was clear enough.

The apocalypse is coming.

I’ve backed up all my data and photos to an external hard drive. I have backed up any program files that I can’t find the discs for. I have announced my potential disappearance to one group, as last time my laptop needed repairs it was away for two weeks. I’ve sent overdue emails.

It’s not the only computer crisis we’re having in this household but at least mine has an extended warranty. My partner’s computer is just…well…stuffed.  And the DVD player refused to finalise a disc for me the other night, instead it won’t recognise the disc anymore, so I’m hesitant to try and finalise any others.  And my SLR camera is dying.  Is there a Mercury/Uranus opposition happening at the moment?  Something is going on.

So I haven’t tackled any more Nano wriitng as yet today. If worse comes to worse, I will be tapping away on my Alphasmart, oblivious to actual word count, free from online procrastination.

Perhaps the warning was incorrect: a computer misreading the situation, and going into panic mode???

The countdown begins.

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