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NVWG Christmas Party & meeting fellow Nano’ers

November 24, 2008

Two writers’ meetings on Saturday.

First the Nambucca Valley Writers Group had their Christmas party in Urunga.

We battled the wind to have a picnic in the reserve, read funny stories (here Sue is reading her tale from the POV of a broken Christmas decoration)


had a Secret Santa pass the parcel type thingy. Spooky how each present went to the appropriate person.


then we went to the pub at the Urunga to light the candles on the NVWG 20th birthday cake (as we did not have a cake at the anthology launch)


We sang Happy Birthday to Us, followed by ‘For we are Jolly Good Writers’.  Not sure that the two old blokes trying to watch the races were too impressed with our singing but it was a good day.

Then I went to Cold Rock to meet some fellow local Nano’ers. (from Coffs Harbour and Grafton)

This is my 6th Nano, and in previous years I’ve felt rather isolated, except for my wonderful online writer friends who love challenges. Every year I’ve told my writers group about the challenge, but no-one else has chosen to do it.


So here we have (by Nano username) rvc, tallblondie, disyc and VEPS.


It was great to meet some fellow Nano’ers in real life. We didn’t do any writing during our meeting, but there was a lot of talking and networking going on. And I’m sure our shared bond of writing 50ks in one month will result in an ongoing connection.  tallblondie had already well passed the 50ks mark at the time of the meeting, VEPS hit 50ks in the early hours of Sunday morning, and hopefully rvc and I will get there soon.

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  1. sahar009 permalink
    November 24, 2008 1:21 pm

    What a great idea, to meet up with fellow NaNoWriMo-ers! I might try to get something going on in my corner of the world. Good job, and happy last minute intensive race to the finish!


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