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5k to go to the Nano finish line

November 24, 2008

At this point of Nanowrimo, I’m feeling really proud.

I’m less than 5k from the finish, and have six days to go. I could cruise it in at less than 1000 words a day, but instead I plan to pass the 50k Tuesday evening. And why? Because the novel is only half way done.

But I am proud because I have written every single day in November. My report card shows that some days I achieved only 380 words or so, but I still wrote, I still made forward progress.

I also have figured out the best way to overcome my lack of an ‘a’ key on my laptop. I’ve called it duelling keyboards. I have my laptop on my lap and I type on it with my right hand, while my left hand types on the alphasmart. As long as my hands are in the correct positions to touch type, my brain is hardly even registering that I’m using two different keyboards. (And when I hit Caps Lock on the Alphasmart, the Caps Lock light on my laptop keyboard comes on).

So here’s a short little excerpt from Reality Check, written this evening:

He frowned. “I’m not going to breach my contract for some momentary sexual gratification.”

“Why would you be in breach of the contract?”

“Because I’m not to supposed to have sex with anyone on the show. And you’re on the show. Or don’t you remember the clause that you inserted into the contract.”

“That wasn’t meant to apply to me.”

“Well it does. And I’m not doing anything to jeopardise my career. For the period of this show, I’m going to go one step further – just to prove you wrong. Because I know you’re just waiting for me to slip up.”

“What do you mean?”

“For the period of the show, I’m going to be celibate. Not only am I not going to have sex with anyone connected with the show, I’m not going to have sex full stop.”

Siobhan threw her head back and laughed wildly. As he pulled up into the carpark of the pub, she was still laughing, and laughing so hard that tears were streaming from her eyes.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“The thought of you being celibate. You’ve got to be kidding. You’ve been rooting around like a rabbit ever since we broke up. Every month you’ve got a different bit of eye candy on your arm, and there’s no way you can tell me that those relationships were platonic. I know you too well.”

As I mentioned, I’m only half way through the story. I’ve got to get back to the outline. This scene was not in the outline, the character of Siobhan was not in the outline, but as Dylan’s ex and the executive producer on the show, she’s certainly adding some conflict. And conflict is good.

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  1. Monique Wood permalink
    November 25, 2008 7:08 am

    Well done, Diane. If you have any extra words you can spare, please send them my way! Lol.

    You’ve done the team proud. Make sure you announce it on the ROMAUS board like other people have. It’s a real achievement.

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