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Nanowrimo Day 4

November 4, 2008


Day 3 of Nano and I was feeling good. I wrote over 1k during my breaks at work yesterday, then did several word sprints last night, had a cute Little Red Riding Hood fantasy playing out in Dylan’s head, some nice exchanges happening as Kirsty decides where they should eat, and the revelation that Dylan can draw up an astrological chart (a man of hidden talents). They were deviating from the outline, because my original plan specified that he picked her up from her house in his sports car and took her to a posh restaurant. Instead she refused to tell him where she lived, insisted on meeting him at the Courthouse Hotel in Newtown, and they wandered up King St to find a restaurant. Still the chapter should end in about the same place… Dylan’s bed.

It’s very clear that I have to get a writing mojo happening while I’m at work, or it does not flow so well when I get home. I only wrote about 400 words today during morning tea and a bit at afternoon tea. Feel like I’m forcing it at the moment but I would still like to break the 8K barrier tonight.

So, I need Johnny Depp to give me some nice visual inspiration. And the focus of where this scene will end up…Dylan’s bed.


Maybe I should just retreat to my own bed instead and dream about Johnny.

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