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Reality Check

October 24, 2008

Only 7 more days to Nanowrimo, which is great because then I can start writing. I love nothing better than the thrill of losing myself in a story. Of taking a journey along with the characters. Although I have outlined the whole story this time (which is a first in many years), each chapter only has a sketch of a paragraph or two, leaving plenty of space for revelation and discovery.

Meantime, I should be editing the original Making the Cut, but with the characters of Reality Check inhabiting my head, and loads of stuff going on at work, I’m finding it very hard to concentrate on the original. I’m inserting extra hero POV and that’s taking a lot of thought.

So here’s an introduction to the hero and heroine of Reality Check:

18 year-old Kirsty McInnes is strong-willed, ambitious and gorgeous. She knows exactly what she wants and she goes after it, but she doesn’t always get it. She’s spent some time away from Bilby Creek, her hometown, as a lowly gofer in a TV production company in Sydney. It’s an entry level job, but she hopes that it will lead to more powerful behind-the-scenes roles or even acting roles.

I wasn’t sure of what type of farm Kirsty’s parents owned, but after finding this gorgeous and appropriate picture of Sherilyn Fenn, I’m certain that Kirsty grew up on a horse stud.

30 year-old Dylan Harris is a hotshot reality TV director, with a reputation for dating the talent. His latest reality project includes a caveat that if he dates the talent, he will be fired from the production. Too late! He has already fallen for Kirsty after she suggested Bilby Creek as the setting for the reality show, and he is upset when she chooses to be in the show, rather than be in a relationship with him. Now working in such close proximity with each other, can they survive a reality TV shoot without their own reality catching up with them?

Johnny Depp looking very creative and just a little bit bohemian is perfect visual inspiration for the character of Dylan.

And of course, one of my favourite characters from Making the Cut, Genevieve d’Vine, will have a supporting role! Genevieve hates that it’s a supporting role, she thinks she should be in the spotlight. She’ll be doing everything she can to pull focus.

Cher has been in my head as inspiration for Genevieve from the moment I started writing her. It may have something to do with Genevieve’s large Cher-esque wig collection.

Here’s a tiny snippet that I wrote in Genevieve’s POV as an exercise to get into her head. In this scene 50-something-year-old Genevieve is playing Sandy in the Bilby Creek Theatre production of Grease. I’ll only post the first two paragraphs as the next paragraph gives away a major plot point of Making the Cut.

Genevieve d’vine strode into the dressing room, giving the mirror a quick glance. She tried to ignore the folds around her neck and focused on her face instead. She was getting too old for this shit: the quick costume changes, the dancing and prancing around stage with a bunch of teenagers, but it was like a drug, an addiction she had to fed, and she knew she would never give up the limelight.

She pulled off her pony-tailed wig and gazed at the mirror. She looked a sight in her stocking cap and the heavy makeup and was glad that she had her own dressing room, so the rest of the cast could not see her in this state. She touched up her eyeliner and lips, and frowned. It was time for another botox injection but she wasn’t certain she could scrape up enough funds to make the trip to Sydney. It was a big disadvantage of living in the hellhole of Bilby Creek, where the people were so backwards that they thought Sunday came before Saturday. But they were malleable and gullible, and it allowed her to be the big trout in a small pond.

Yes, I can’t wait to get back to these characters….

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  1. October 25, 2008 1:22 am

    This sounds really interesting – I can’t wait to read it! You will post more about it won’t you?

    I am also doing NaNoWriMo – my profile name is EleanorS…I’ll be writing a mystery. Like yours, my novel has been hanging around in my head and my notes for a long time.

  2. October 25, 2008 1:10 pm

    I love her! She sounds like just the right type to get in and meddle with everyone’s lives all in the hope of keeping her the center of it all. LOL
    Love her!
    You know, you need to give her her own story. She needs to have some guy pull the rug out from under her.

  3. October 26, 2008 9:12 am

    That actually sounds really good. I wonder what will happen between Dylan and Kirsty.

    Will you be posting the story?

    Good luck and thanks for stopping by my blog!


  4. dianecurran permalink*
    October 26, 2008 9:57 am

    Hi Vanessa,

    I won’t be posting the story. I write too fast and too rough to post as I write. Plus I’ll be aiming for publication as the first story set in this town has already been sent to a publisher.

    But I may post a scene here or there.

  5. dianecurran permalink*
    October 26, 2008 9:59 am


    Genevieve will get a substantial amount of storyline in this one. She starts the story married, and if all goes well (for the author), she will have left hubby by the end.

    So maybe she will get her own story next.

    At this rate, I’ll be spending the rest of my writing time in Bilby Creek.

  6. Mon Wood permalink
    October 27, 2008 9:12 pm

    Juicy, Di! I can’t wait to read everything once you’ve finished your sequel.

    Now I know who Genevieve was based on, it works well with what I’ve read already. She sounds like a woman the other characters shouldn’t mess with.

    Very cool.

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