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October 18, 2008

I have  a couple reasons to celebrate this week.

I sent my partial of Making the Cut to a publisher.

I could not have reached this point without the assistance of my awesome critique partner, Kiki.  And Kiki has her own reason to celebrate this week as she has received the galley of her first novel Enter the Parrot, which will be published by The Wild Rose Press very soon.  Kiki has sent me the galley to read and I’m looking forward to reading it, right after I finish M J Anderson’s Feed.

Over the last week, I outlined 33 chapters of my Nanowrimo novel, the sequel to Making the Cut. The current working title is Reality Check.  At an average of 3000 words a chapter, I estimate this manuscript will be around 100k, as is Making the Cut.  I’m resisting the urge to start writing although my muse is ready to play. I plan to do Nano properly this year and aim to complete the whole first draft in November. However, I did write down a quote from Kirsty – she says this to a group of TV producers of the reality show she’s appearing in:  “If I’d known you were making Bilby Creek Slut, I would never have signed up.”

I had a big grin on my face when she gave me that line.  I really like Kirsty. She has a lot of guts, goes after what she wants (although she doesn’t always get it), and she’s turning out to be quite sexually moral. Interesting!  I’m looking forward to spending November with her.

Of course, she deserves a gorgeous hero and though I named him Dylan a week ago, I hadn’t settled on his physical characteristics. But after watching Cry Baby today, I’ve decided that Johnny Depp is exactly the right kind of inspiration.


Over on the 50ks in 30 days blog, I’ve written about my secret Nano weapon, Word Sprints, but this year I’ve added a few more tools to my kit.

I now have an Alphasmart (Alphie). I purchased it a few months ago on Ebay when the Aussie dollar was doing really well but it didn’t have a cable with it. I didn’t think finding a data cable would be a problem. Silly me!  First of all, I bought a cable that will convert a mouse and keyboard plug into a USB. Then I compared the outlets on that to the Alphasmart and realised that I needed a male to male data cable. I tried Harvey Norman with no luck, and the local computer store said the cables weren’t available in Australia.  The cables that mentioned Alphasmart in their title wanted ridiculous prices, matched by ridiculous amounts of postage so at the beginning of the long weekend, I went back onto ebay, typed in PS2 cable and trawled through the listings until I found what I needed.  I bought the cable from a company in the UK for $AU7.32 including postage. Much better than all the US rip off merchants.

As soon as the package arrived (only a week later, so impressive), I ripped it open, plugged it in and tried it out.  It was magic watching the text I’d typed into the alphasmart appearing on my screen.  (a bit like watching an image appear on a photo in the dark room).  This means that I’ll no longer be writing long hand in breaks at work, and typing it up when I get home.  More writing time.  And I’m going to need it to write 100ks in a month. 

Alfie and I are going to be spending a lot of time together.  Hopefully, by November, we will have moved into our new work building and Alfie and I can hang out in the designated Quiet Room during tea breaks and lunch breaks, away from the pregnancy talks, the pool competition and Dr Phil.  We were supposed to be moving on Monday, but the move has been postponed, with no new set date, as the computers are not yet ready.

It seemed like such an anti-climax to the big build-up we’ve had over the last few weeks, the growing expectations, the daily countdown and now we don’t know when we will move. So for now I continue to drive through traffic lights, fight for all day parking spaces, and deal with a slow computer. But at least we got to inspect the new building, we know its not a mirage and we know it’s just a matter of time.

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  1. October 19, 2008 2:37 pm

    Mmmh, Johnny Depp. great inspiration! ^_^

    I’ve never used an Alphasmart, but I’m curious. Do keep us updated how you’re finding it in the long run!

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