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The long long weekend

October 3, 2008

It’s the start of a 4 day weekend for me, and it started in a panic, rather than luxuriously.

Robbie is off to the air show in Amberley and he has scored a flight up there in a restored 1962 warbird.  We expected it to  land at Coffs this morning at 11.30. So at 8am when we got up, he switched on his mobile and discovered they’ve decided to fly earlier (to land at 9.15), so it was a rush to get to the airport, and the tasks that he wanted to do beforehand were left undone. Of course, things didn’t quite turn out that way, and it didn’t land until 10am but at least we were there, and he didn’t miss the plane.

On the tarmac at the airport, so close to the plane, I was a bit envious of the adventure that he’s about to undertake…while I sit at home and have adventures vicariously through my characters.

There’s really no such thing as a long weekend for me. It just means that I don’t have to squeeze the writing and editing in between and around the day job.  So I have plans.

Finish the partial request. I’m really really close and feeling good about it.  There’s one more scene that I want to rewrite substantially, the rest will be tinkering, one more look from my CP and some other trusted writer friends and she’ll be ready to go.  Then its onwards and forwards with Making the Cut, in anticipation of using my special ream of paper for a full request.

Create some more writer motivational products at my Cafepress store Chickollage in time for Nanowrimo  and Christmas sales!  I’ve been inspired by a recent bulk sale, plus I have a lot of Jennifer’s collage designs uploaded which haven’t quite made it to products as yet.

It only looks like I'm daydreaming clock available at

Not Day-dreaming

Spend some time with my Aunt Brenda, who is in Coffs for a conference. Haven’t seen her for a long long time, so this will be fun.

Watch a Clark Gable movie Keys to the City, which I have never seen before. Got to love TCM for digging up the hard to find stuff.

Get in touch with some old friends and colleagues to share  my exciting first publication!  Speaking of which, I now have a page with an excerpt from the novel version of Beyond Happily Ever After (in the menu under pages)

Embark on a new critique partner trial, and check in with my current CPs.

Start the layout for Jen and my collage poetry anthology as the collage poems turned out so well in our writers group anthology.

Find some surfaces (and perhaps even my writing room) in order to create some more collage poems.

Yes, I’ll be making the most of the peace and quiet and the fact that I don’t have to go to work.

28 days until Nanowrimo starts.  Are you in? I’ll be writing a kind of sequel to Making the Cut because I love the town of Bilby Creek, and I love the characters. They seriously feel like real people to me. And I’ve just realised that I have made a major major commitment for the first weekend of November, and it will take most of my weekend.  Whoops!  Oh well, it just means that I’ll be starting Nano slowly this year and will have to play catch-up. Lucky I’ve got a week’s holiday to spend at home for the seven days of November!


Robbie just called me to say he’s on the ground in Amberley. He flew up there in a Lockheed Neptune, in the nose, filming as they flew. He said it was a bit freaky. Not sure if I would cope with being in the nose of the plane looking through perspex. So I’m glad he arrived safely. I would have photos except I had no batteries in my camera this morning so I took the photos on his camera. But you can click the above link to the photo on the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society link.

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  1. October 6, 2008 1:11 pm

    Long week-ends are never as long as they pretend they are…
    But yay for getting lots of lovely writing done!

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