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The Ink Cartridge Wars

September 25, 2008

I have a Canon Multifunction printer – the one that also photocopies and scans.

My partner has a Canon printer that also prints directly onto CDs and DVDs.

They use the same ink cartridges which makes it easy to remember what to buy.

But it also means that whenever I want to scan a picture, I have to go and steal the ink cartridges back because the silly thing won’t even scan without a full set of ink. Is that even logical, Canon?

And when I want to print…let’s just say whenever I have a contest entry to submit, we’re always on the verge of running out of ink (because someone else has used it all). And I have to pray to the Ink Gods that they will keep the ink running long enough to print my words.

Last night when I wanted to print my STALI entry for Romance Writers Australia, not only did I have to retrieve ink, I also had to scavenge for paper. When I went to the shops, I planned to buy paper, but as my short term memory is shot at the moment and I was thinking about my blood test, I forgot to buy the paper.

I do have a secret stash of paper in a cupboard but it’s a very special ream of paper and to break the seal and use the paper at random could jinx me and break its “spell”.  The ream is labelled “Novel in Waiting” and it was a Secret Santa present many years ago.  (I’d love to know who my Secret Santa was)

I won’t crack open this ream until I get a request for a full manuscript.  I hope it won’t be long now…

And the lesson I’ve learned from the Ink Cartridge Wars? My next printer purchase will be a laser.

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  1. September 26, 2008 9:41 am

    I spy… a Margiefied maunuscript! With lots of lovely orange and pink! ^_^

    I *love* the secret santa present. And it won’t be long now before you have to crack the seal.

    I always run out of ink, and I usually notice on page 86ish when the print becomes 80s-style stripey…
    Also, my printer sometimes eats pages, which makes double-sided printing a pain in the tailside. >_<

  2. September 27, 2008 10:05 pm

    Anytime i see any discussion about inkjet printers and the issue of ink, my blood pressure goes up. Not only do most printers (regardless of make) tell you the cartridges are empty when they are not; the companies hold the price artificially high in the UK. Recently I read a newspaper story that said given the small volume of ink inside the cartridge, it was more expensive than Champagne or caviar!

    Having said all that… a printer friend of mine told me than Canon printers due there design waste less ink than others.

    Congratulations on your short story.
    I also want to wish you lots of luck in persuing your ambitions to be a sucessful author. The only difference between being unpublished and a sucessful novelist is perseverance, so keep that ream of paper untouched because you will need it one day.

  3. dianecurran permalink*
    September 28, 2008 10:44 am

    On Friday night I lost the ink cartridge wars. I ran out of blue ink. Why oh why do I need blue ink to print in black . Totally illogical!

    Kiki, that manuscript hadn’t been Margie-fied. It’s an old photo with my version of editing by highlighter. I only used three colours – one for dialogue, one for narrative/action, and one for interior monologue. Like Margie’s method much better.

    Thanks for your dropping by, Kevin. I shall perservere!

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