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My Brilliant Pizza Career

June 15, 2008

My current work in progress is Hold the Anchovies, which is based on My Brilliant Pizza Career.
I won’t mention which company I worked for as I don’t want to suggest that their stores are a hotbed of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll but that’s where I got my education.

And it’s interesting reliving it. At least on the page

So far I’ve written 33,799 words in 15 days – add that to the 25,067 I wrote for Nano 2004 and I have a total of 58,866 words altogether. Not bad – not bad at all. I’ve pulled a few non-identifying photos from my photo album from that era.

Below is a ‘pizza’ made by my mother for the owner of the store. Look closely, the whole thing is made of icing. It was a farewell delivery.

I could not have done the job without my faitfhul companion Helga, my 1966 VW Beetle. She was famous amongst my pizza customers, and had a certain infamy amongst my fellow staff for breaking down. I loved Helga- she was my independence and my freedom and I was sad to say goodbye to her when she finally packed it in. (this pic and song is from my 1986 diary)

Thought I would include a photo of me from that circa. This is taken at a post work party, actually the farewell party that the cake pizza was made for.

More pictures of Helga – this time with my sister and cousins posing as car models. I don’t think they got the car ad job.

I worked for the pizza place for a couple of years, but my brilliant pizza career ended not so brilliantly. My second delivery to the same customers late at night — but I never made it back to the store. A drunk idiot coming through the red light made sure of that.

Helga was off the road at the time. Almost as if she knew something. I was driving mum’s car – the yellow one. Lucky I’m a survivor.

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