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Day 13-17 of ‘I’m with the Band"

January 11, 2008

I’ve got to do something about this addiction. But when there’s all these beautiful glossy magazines sitting in the charity shop, well – I can’t walk out empty-handed, can I? More photos for collage, more text for collage poetry. And the magazines are being recycled and the money’s going to a good cause. Another 12 magazines added to my collection today. That was all I could carry back to work today but there was a lot more left in the store. Somebody must’ve cleaned out their shelves. So I may need to take another walk down there on Monday at lunchtime.

Day 13 – 17 of I’m with the Band have been obstructed with a little thing called work. So much happening in the workplace, I’ve been quite exhausted each night (yet still suffering from insomnia) and have only added a few words. Plus I’ve been sucked into the world that is facebook (very addictive) and have been hunting for friends for a pig – see post below.

But words have been added since my last blog, and scenes have been finished – still moving forward. Kat has got herself a new image – hair cut and colour, new clothes. It may be time for me to do the same thing!

Total word count is now 81,745 and I plan to write much more over the weekend.

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