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Thank God its Sunday!

October 21, 2007

Thank God It’s Sunday!

I couldn’t say it on Friday, because I knew I still had the day at work on Saturday to get through. But now it’s Sunday so I can say Thank God!

I usually work around between 35 – 45 hours a week depending on which week it is, and if there’s a rostered day off in there. This week I’ve worked over 60 hours! Yawn! And it’s been go, go, go (at least mentally) all week. Exciting, challenging and draining.

So today, I’ll be doing work of another kind – reading! The spare lounge is moving from the spare room onto the back verandah so that will be where I spend most of my day.

I’ve also been making a collage of Diary of the Future and found the perfect picture to include in a magazine on Friday, so that’s got to go on the collage today. It depicts one of the scenes set at the cinema perfectly. I hopefully will have the collage complete by the time November rolls around and will post it on the blog.

In the meantime, LittleGreyDragon on the Nanowrimo forums has designed me this gorgeous banner to depict my Nanowrimo project. Very pretty and inspiring. Can’t wait to tackle those fairytales. Roll on November. October is just a holding pattern!

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