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One sleep to Sydney

August 7, 2007

One more sleep and then we’re off to Sydney. Very exciting although I’m sure Dorkus is already cursing me and feeling very sorry for himself because he’s already delivered to the cattery. Last time he was there, he reckoned he was in a detention camp and went on a hunger strike — he’s there longer this time so he better eat something! Mind you, it wouldn’t hurt him to lose some of that extra fat.

Sydney is shaping up to be really good. Not only do I have 3 days with writers in writing workshops at the Romance Writers of Australia conference, I will get to see my new nephew Damon, my relatively new nephew William and my niece Abby.

Plus I’ve just had the pleasure of visiting Chris Wilson’s website to check out his tour dates and he will be performing in Newtown on the 15th August. And I haven’t seen him perform for approx 8 years. Plus it’s a relaunch of that beautiful album Live at the Continental. This time – Live at the Vanguard. A very fitting night out for our anniversary. Certainly more appealing than driving back home for 7 hours in the car. That can wait until Thursday.

Major updates in the Chickollage shop – lots of new photo collage designs by Jennifer Gordon, with some Photoshop doctoring by myself. Check out the Cards for all Occasions section.

Will be back during the week with news and updates of the Sydney trip.

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