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Blogoff ver 2 – post 2 – HOPE

July 12, 2007

I’ve never really subscribed to the concept of HOPE. When I was young, perhaps! But I think it was something I grew out of reasonably quickly. Neither do I subscribe to the concept of hopelessness. In every situation, we have a choice of how we react. We are never hopeless.
I did some personal development courses in my early twenties. Somebody in one of those courses defined hope as a ‘turd with a cherry on top.’ That image, funny enough, has stuck in the back of my mind ever since.

Hope is just a vague fancy if there is no action behind it.

When I was in my twenties, I wanted to be a writer. Yet I only wrote occasionally. I did not write with any discipline and I did not write with any intent. I was busy living a life and dreaming of one day being a writer.

About ten years ago, I re-visited my dreams of being a writer with serious intent. I committed to my dream. And I took concrete action to achieve those dreams. I started to write. I took writing lessons and workshops. I joined a writers’ group.
I no longer thing about being a writer or even hope to be writer. I AM A WRITER BECAUSE I WRITE.
I can chant my writer’s mantra: ‘I will be a published author…I will be a published author.’ But I’m not just sitting back and hoping for it. I am writing. I am editing. I am doing the hard yards. And at the same time, I’m remembering that it’s not just about the destination…it’s all about the journey

One day I will hold my published book in my hand. But it’s not something I’m hoping for. I’ve done the creative visualisation. I’ve done the actualisation by having a copy of one of my manuscripts printed for myself. No, it’s not something I’m hoping for. It’s something I’m striving for.

One last thing about HOPE – we can all hope that one day they will find a cure for breast cancer. But we can also do something about it.

I am.

I’m blogging in this blogoff along with 20 other great bloggers listed in my blogroll. We’re blogging to help Courtney raise money and to raise awareness. If you would like to do something to help the cause, then follow the links. This is the second post in Blogoff version 2. To support Courtney in her fundraising for the Three Day Walk for Breast Cancer, visit her website at Five Second Dance Party or click on this link:

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