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Laughter – Blogoff Post # 1

March 21, 2007
My mother knew how to laugh. Big belly laughs that could rock a whole row of cinema seats. Her chuckles were like a minor earthquake, measuring on the Richter scale.

I miss my mother so much. I miss her wicked sense of humour, her smile and her laugh. I’m ashamed that I was so embarrassed by her as a teenager because now I can think of no happier sound than my mother’s laughter. Mum enjoyed and loved life, and wanted to share that enjoyment with everyone: check-out chicks, the neighbours she bumped into down the street, the cats, the dogs, the cockatoo and especially her family.
Mum didn’t learn to drive until I was 13 years old. But once she gained her licence and her independence, there was no holding her back. She loved driving, deliberately weaving or kangaroo hopping down a quiet street – just for fun – and she relished the opportuniity to get lost, take the long way round and discover new places along the way.

Driving gave her the opportunity to try new things. She took up cooking classes and prepared culinary banquests in several cuisines. She took oil painting lessons for a few years but she found her talent in cake decorating, churning out wedding cakes, christening cakes, cakes for any occasion.

For Dad’s 50th birthday, she made a pick-up truck cake with a ‘load of hot cock’ because that was one of his favourite sayings at the time. The tray was filled with chocolate penises, and a pair symbolised the wipers. The sight of the cake was a catalyst of laughter for the party guests and this photo is a permanent reminder of my mum’s wicked sense of humour.

So now in my first blog-off post for boobs, I’ve mentioned breasts and hot cocks, so I guess I’ll get a few hits from the raincoat brigade. So while you’re here, gentlemen, show your appreciation for the female body and follow the link to make a donation for breast cancer research!

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