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Diary of the Future – the novel

February 3, 2007

Finally, Saturday comes around at the end of a very busy week. But I did achieve a lot this week.

I added another 1200 words to the Cinderella story and sent it off to the short story competition. I’m very happy with the way it turned out. Perhaps I may fracture some more fairy tales in the future.

I received my free copy of Diary of the Future, and it looks great. I did have a few uploading issues and formatting issues as I mentioned in my previous post, but all this has resulted in is an extra blank page between some of the chapters. As this is my motivational copy and editorial copy, it really doesn’t matter. So it’s on to reading the novel with fresh eyes – hopefully, as a critical and discerning reader. Sorry, I can’t post a pic of the actual book at this stage because my partner has borrowed my digital camera for the week and he is many miles away.

I passed the book around at work, and at drinks after work yesterday. A physical book makes more sense to many of my co-workers than 200 A4 pages. A book looks like a finished product (believe me it’s not) – 200 pages looks like it will never end. So now it’s on to revising, summarising, querying and submitting. A whole new adventure.

Oh, and I also got new tyres on my car this morning. What a difference brand new tyres make!

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  1. The GateKeeper permalink
    February 4, 2007 9:55 am

    I didn’t know we could get a free copy of our Lulu books. I love your cover btw. I may have already told you that. Worth a second mention though.

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